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Make Extra Money Online – Anyone can do it

If you are like me you have tried at least tow or three Different Internet Gurus method of How to make money on line from home or make money online free. No these are not real programs just my representation. No matter what they call their program I am sure we have all seen them.

I’m not here to promise you that you will get rich overnight, or that you will make 10k in only a month. I am here to tell you that you can be a success online and have a successful business online. If you have the desire and the motivation we will provide you with all the tools and education you need to succeed.

Without mentioning any real products or systems I am going to tell you, if you don’t already know, just how some others work and who really is making the money.

Strike One

As I mentioned earlier I have tried several times to make money online. I would have been happy just to make extra money online. They all promised the same thing They would show me how to make money online from home.

The First one I tried Said they would show me how to make 10k in one month with my own E-Commerse site. I paid the fee to join and started the training, which was vague to say the least. Then had to buy my landing page.

Next it was payment for hosting and for SEO package. Then if you wanted more in depth training well that cost too.

I did’nt even get to how to find products or how to ship or even how to set up my e-commerse site. I could’nt afford all the fees and the training really sucked. The only one making any money here was the so called GURU

Strike Two

The next one Said that I could make $500.00 a day through Click Bank. This was supposed to be a cores in How To Make Money Online for Beginners. Again I paid the sign up fee and started the training and was optimistic about my future. I thought a program for beginners I will really learn something here.

Boy oh Boy did I learn something. The training was pretty comprehensible they showed how to set up a landing page. How to maneuver through Click Bank. They even gave a lesson on how to spot the less than legitimate offers.

I also learned that I would have to keep paying for traffic, I would have to pay for e-mail sending and name gathering for the mailing list and their motto was the money is in the list.

So without going on a long speech on what it is the only solution to drive traffic to the landing page was to pay for clicks or PPC. This form of advertising will require a substantial budget if you want to be competitive and actually earn a commission.

I persevered thinking that I could get the money back that I was spending on advertising. It was a lot like a gambler thinking that the next hand will be the winner and they will make back all the money that they have lost. Just like the gambler You got to know when to fold them and know when to walk away. Again the only one making money was the so called guru

I Didn’t Give up

Over the next couple of years I kept searching the internet, looking for a program that would work. I looked for ways to make money online free.I kept on seeing the same hype over and over again. Make 10k a month, Start Making Money today and a Hodge podge of other claims. All I really wanted was to make extra money online.

I began to think that there might not be a way for me to make money online. Then one day I got an e-mail the subject line said ” making Money Online isn’t easy”. At first I thought tell me something that I don’t know. It wasn’t until I was emptying my e-mail that I noticed the message again, this time I was intrigued by the subject line so I opened it and read the e-mail.

The person authoring the e-mail laid out a few things that I knew to be true. Making money online is not easy. You have to have the desire and you have to have the motivation. You also have to have the Popper training and guidance in order to succeed.

This e-mail said that It was Free to join, No credit Card Needed, Two free websites and free training so I clicked the link.

One little click

I clicked the link and was transferred to this sight. Just like the e-mail the site Said Free to join, No credit card needed Two free websites and free training. I figured what do I have to lose it’s free so I joined. I started the training and did what was instructed step by step. At one point in the training I had a little issue with installing code on my new site.

I asked a question to the community and within two or three minutes I had several people offering help. I was astounded this was the first time that I was in a community that really wanted to help other members. The training was eactly what I needed.

I know you are probably thinking Ok so what is this wonderful site. The site is Wealthy Affiliate. One little click could change your life. So what are you waiting for click the link below. It’s Free No Credit Card Required. What have you got to lose?

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned earlier there are a lot of programs out there that claim they will make you rich in a few short weeks. The fact is that nothing comes free. You have to put in the effort you must have the drive and the training. Here at Wealthy Affiliate we provide the best training in the industry. Our community is unparalleled when it comes to helping others at WA we want everyone to succeed and we strive to make that happen

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