How To Spot a Scam – My Grandpa Used to Tell Me….

Hello and welcome back. Today I will be talking about how to spot a scam. You might be thinking; I could spot a scam a mile away, and perhaps you could. There are however many of us out there who have been taken, Yes I said us. I hate to admit it but I have been Scammed.

When I first started trying to start my Online Business I fell for more than one Program. I felt like I was getting Robbed. I told myself after the first one that it would never happen again, That didn’t go so well. So I would like to pass on what I have learned in my eight plus years of affiliate marketing.

There are several red flag to look for when choosing any online opportunity. No matter what you are trying to accomplish online there are scams for it

1st Red Flag – If It Walks Like a Duck

Let’s say you are surfing the web looking for ways to make extra money online. You end up on a site that says something like. I can show you how to make Ten Thousand Dollars in just one week, Or need traffic to your website we can send thousands of targeted visitors to your site.

The truth is that there is no offer out there that can take anyone from start-up to making ten thousand Dollars in just one week. If you think there is prove it and I will be the first to join. The truth is it takes time and effort and commitment to succeed online.

There NO methods or products or magical automated software out there that will make you rich overnight and that’s the truth. My Grandfather used to tell me ” Boy if it Walks Like a Duck and it Quacks like a Duck it’s Probably a Duck “. It took me many years to understand what my Grandfather meant by that statement.

If you are looking for that one product or method that will shower you with riches in no time all I can say is. Dream on Alice Wonderland is just around the corner.

So my first RED FLAG is if it says that it will show you how top make thousands on no time then RUN and don’t look back.

2nd Red Flag – Money Back Guarantee

Again you are surfing the web looking for how to make money online from home. You come across a website that is not promising wealth overnight . They offer training to teach you how to work online from Home. They claim that their methods are Guaranteed or your money back. You think to yourself this has got to be real they are offering a Money Back Guarantee.

Not so Fast Just because the program or the platform or Product has a money back guarantee do not mean it is legitimate. Do a little bit of research on the product or Platform.

Google it and read reviews, keep in mind that many of the good reviews may be from people trying to get you to purchase the product, Or members of the platform trying to get you to join. Red Flag 2 The over promotion of a MBG or Money Back Guarantee.

3rd Red Flag – How long have they been around.

Check to see how long the website has been in existence. Is it new or has it been around for a while. You can check how long the website has been in existence by going to this little tool This will let you know if it’s a new website or if it has been around for a while. Now don’t take this wrong just because a website is new does not mean that it is not legitimate.

There are plenty of legitimate websites that are new and that are legitimate. The ones that should worry you are the ones that are new and promising to make you money fast. Those are My Red Flag number 3. Be diligent and research the site look online ask is this product a scam.

Red Flag 4 – Who is behind the site

The easiest way to see who is behind the site is to scroll to the about page and give it a read. If there is no mention of the owner or any information about the founder then it probably is not a legitimate site. Any site that is legitimate is anxious to put their story out there to let you know who founded the company and what the company goals are.

A site that does not promote the owner or the founder in my opinion is trying to hide something from you. Also, if there is information and it is vague or very little information this is a Big RED FLAG RUN. Run as fast as you can and don’t look back

My final thoughts

These are by no means the only red flags. These are only a few but in my opinion they are the most important ones to watch for and if you do a little home work you will be able to spot a scam a mile away. There are legitimate ways to make money online. The beat one that I have found is Wealthy Affiliate. This company not only educates you it shows you how to implement the knowledge you have learned. The community at Wealthy Affiliate is second to none when it comes to motivation and support.Click here to Join Wealthy Affiliate today For FreeĀ 

I hope I have given you the information you need to make an informed decision when it comes to making money online. I hope you have found this article helpful. I have tried to answer any questions you may have had. If you still have questions or just want to let me know about your experiences trying to make money online please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Until next time have a blessed day

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