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A few tears ago I decided that the online revolution was going to be a huge economic boom. I knew that there had to be a way to make money online. I just had no idea haw to go about doing it. It did not take too long before the offers came rolling in. One said make Ten Thousand Dollars in your first month. The next said Make One Hundred Dollars every hour starting today.

I don’t think I need to tell you how that worked out. It took me several times of failing to realize that their get-rich-quick ideas were not going to work. There had to be a legitimate way to make money online. I thought There has to be a way to make money online free.

Finally, I found the solution, I only wish that I had found it sooner. You know what they say better late than never, in my case it was true. I had found something that worked. I was really learning how to make money online from home and it was totally free. That’s right FREE. Check out the training Video to the left to see what it’s all about

Free Websites

I joined the community and the ad was right it was Free it did not cost me a penny to join. I followed the step by step instructions to start my account and in no time I was learning to set-up my FREE website, not just one free website they gave me two Free websites.

I had my free website up and running live in just a few minutes. I could hardly wait to see what was next on the agenda. I followed the step by step instructions (I have added a video to the left so that you can see how fast and easy it is to set up your website.) This is just one of many videos that will teach you not only how to set up your website but also how to enhance your site. Before I knew it I was off to the training portion.

The Best Training

The Free membership also comes with FREE training, not just any training they actually teach you how to get found in Google and the other major search engines. The training does not stop there I learned how to use the internet to unleash the power of social media. (To the left is an example of the free training you will get) My Free website was really working.

People were coming to my site and I was really starting to make money online from home. Where had this been the whole;e time I was trying to learn how to make money online. This platform was like a dream come true I was actually learning affiliate marketing and it really worked. I know you are wondering what is this place that offers all of these great things. Hang in there just a few more minutes and I will tell you

Unbelievable Keyword Tool

Any website no matter if you are paying for the Domain or if you have a free website the principles are the same you have to get found in the search engines, and to get found you have to have relevant keywords and keyword phrases in your posts. This unbelievable platform also offers the best keyword tool on the internet. Did I mention that it is free as well. In my opinion Jaaxy is by far the best keyword tool that you will find.

With Jaaxy you not only get a keyword tool nooo it’s much more than that. The image on the left shows an actual keyword phrase search on Jaaxy. I searched the phrase, How to sell online

There is a list of related phrases below the searched phrase. The first Colum is Avg. This the average number of times each month that exact phrases is searched. The next column is Traffic, That is the number of potential visitors you could attract to your site if you get ranked top in Google search. The most important column is next it’s the QSR. The QSR is the exact number of competitors ranked in google under that exact phrase. How powerful is that. The next column is the KQI or Keyword Quality Indicator. This one tells you the quality of your keyword phrase Green = Great, Yellow = Good and Red = Poor.

Where else can you get all of this information at the tip of your fingers. Jaaxy gives you the edge you need to help your posts not only get indexed but written well you will get ranked also and with ranking comes traffic and with the traffic come the conversions.

I do not know of a better keyword tool or one that offers the abundance of powerful information. Unleash the power of Jaaxy on your articles or reviews. Try it now it’s FREE

All In One place

There is only one place where you can start as a Free Member and actually make money while you learn for free. The place I have been talking about is Wealthy Affiliate or WA.

WA offers you free word press websites with several different themes to choose from. WordPres is the same website thousands of professionals use.

WA gives you access to unparalleled training. The step by step videos (like the ones I have shown you earlier) make it easy to follow along. We can teach anyone to succeed online.

You get Jaaxy the best keyword tool on the internet at least in my opinion it is. The power of Jaaxy gives you a huge edge when searching keywords or keyword phrases for new reviews or new articles.

The best thing about WA is the support. There is a community of Thousands of knowledgeable and successful marketers who are willing to share their knowledge with you. With Wealthy Affiliate you are not alone on your journey we are a Family

Final Thoughts + Special Offer

Wealthy Affiliate is Free to join, Free to build two websites, Free Online Entrepreneur certification training Course and as a bonus I will be your personal coach. That’s right you will have your own personal coach to help you in any way I can. You will have direct access to me. You can ask me anything you are having problems with and I will get you the answers you need. I will help you with your website or your content writing absolutely anything you need just ask and I will respond as soon as possible.

But you have to make me a promise when you join you will set up your account, there is a step by step walk through that is very easy once you have done that I will contact you within one hour to welcome you and see if you need anything. Click here to join Now

I hope that I have answered any questions that you may have had. In the event you still have a question or you just want to tell me about your experience or you would like to let me know how you liked or disliked this article please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Until next time have a blessed day

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