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How to Build a Free Website – For Profit or Fun

I think everyone should learn How to build a freeĀ  website. I have built about 15 websites in my career as an internet marketer. I still maintain and run 13 of them. One is strictly fun it’s all about my family it’s a great place where relatives can stay in touch share things that are doing or have done.

The other 12 are for profit. You can create your own website and use it any way you see fit it is yours. I will show you how you can do it for free, That’s right 100% Free it will not cost you one single penny. It will remain yours for as long as you like

Why build a Website ?

There are many reasons to build a website

  • chronicle your baby’s growth – Document all the special events in your child s life Starting with birth and continue, Sell your child s gently used cloths, toys, and more
  • Your Favorite Hobby – Post pictures and blog about what you are passionate about no matter if it’s Cars, Hunting, Fishing, Tennis, Body building. The possibilities are endless.
  • Turn your Hobbies into Cash – Sell products related to your hobby, Sell your used hobby equipment.
  • Strictly Fun – Build your site about your adventures, your trips. Post videos, blog about your experiences
  • Strictly Profit – Taylor your website to sponsor products from places like Amazon, EBay or any of the thousands of affiliate programs out there

Look around

There are loads of sites out there where you can build a free website, but that is where their service usually ends and you have a website now how do you learn how to maintain it, update it , post to your blog that is if the free site builder you choose even offers a blog reel.

The easy thing to do is simply ” Google How to Build a Free Website”. You will get loads of sites. Here is a screenshot of an actual google search. Check out the places you can build a free website., and are the first three results.

All of these are great sites where you can build a free website. I would recommend any of them if all you want is a website. If you want to learn what the possibilities with your website really are I do not recommend any of these. While they are great sites to build a website they virtually stop there. Your search should not end there. You might be saying to yourself I can build a website anywhere .

The truth is that you can build a free website in numerous places so why not wix or godaddy ?. The reason I do not recommend sites like godaddy is that sure you can build a free website now you have to pay for the domain name and the site hosting. Pretty soon you realize that your free website isn’t so free after all. That’s why AI say look around

Find a site that not only lets you build a free website but one that hosts it as well. So I think you are finding out that building a free website is not as easy as it sounds. No worries I will show you where to go to get your Free Website and not just one free site you will get Two Free websites. Where you ask ? Wealthy Affiliate that’s where, be patient I will tell you more about them in a few minutes.

Choose Your Weapon

Yes I am likening a website to a weapon after all your website is where you do battle with your competition. Having the right weapon can mean the difference between life and death in Battle. The same holds true for the internet The right weapon or website in this case can mean the difference between life and death on the internet.

So what things should you look for. That is easy. Look for a platform where you can build your Free website with the same tools a professional uses. Look for a platform that can educate you in building a professional website, Look for a platform that has support.

Most of the free sites out there offer some support. You write a ticket submit the ticket and wait for a reply. You want a platform where you can get help when you need it not when it is convenient for them to reply. You want a platform where you can ask a question and there is someone there that can answer it for you

The Only Choice

There is only one choice when it comes to building a free website. There is only one place where you get the tools you need the training you need with step by step instructions so that you can learn how to build a free website that is 100% FREE it won’t cost you a penny I promise.

Wealthy Affiliate is the only place I would recommend. With wealthy Affiliate you get

  • Two Free Websites
  • Free site hosting
  • Free Training
  • Free community support

We will teach you how to build a professional website using WordPress the site the professionals use. We will teach you to create a stunning website, We will teach you how to get your site found and how to get your site ranked it the three major search engines

Wealthy Affiliate is FREE to join but promise me you will set up your account when you join It is very easy and there is a step by step guide to walk you through the process and I will contact you within one hour of your sign up. I will be your personal coach to help guide you on your journey

My Final thoughts

As you can see the clear choice is Wealthy Affiliate for building a free website. You will have everything you need to get your website up and running. I will be there with you every step of the way you are not alone we can teach anyone to succeed.

I hope that I have cleared up any confusion you may have had about how to build a free website. If you have any questions or if you would like to tell me what you thought of this article please leave a comment below and I will respond to you as soon as possible. Until next time have a blessed day

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